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Soul & Funk with a spice of Jazz


Critically acclaimed pianist/singer/composer, Tizaan Alphonso has a deep and personal connection with music, strongly connected within his family. Having musicians for parents, making music just feels like being home, where-ever he is. When he sets foot on stage, with his keyboards and microphone ready, surrounded by his closest friends, the audience is presented with an energy unbounded. Because Tizaan Alphonso can only give his all, or he will give nothing at all. 


"Give in to the Natural Jazzy Groove of Tizaan Alphonso's, New Album 'Feel It' "
- Buzz Music (USA)

"Tizaan Alphonso showcases extraordinary experimental Jazz on his debut LP ‘'Feel It’" 
- Rolling Stone Magazine (India)


If he could, Tizaan Alphonso would become the Freddie-Mercury-of-Jazz, or claim to be Herbie Hancock's long lost son. He jokes about these things, yet it is deadly serious. Soul and Funk music has been with him like an extra parent, raising him to this day. His debut album "Feel It" (2020) is his attempt to revive the glory of Soul, RnB and Funk, and it was made together with the people that are most dear to him. The result is an absolute delight to behold, receiving praise from the press at home, the USA and India.

Tizaan Alphonso finished his jazz education in Maastricht, the Netherlands. As a talented student new to the region, he quickly became a visible contribution to the live music scene. From performing solo at corporate events, presenting his band at every pop or jazz competition all the way to playing at the North Sea Jazz festival as part of the Fringe Orchestra ft. Bex Burch. He was invited to perform at Jammin' Juan in France, Jazz Circle Viersen, So What's Next Festival(Eindhoven), Poppodium Volt (Sittard), Les Temps Mêlés (Verviers), Limbo Jazz Express (Cultuurhuis Heerlen), Stadtglühen 2023 (Aachen), Montjoie JAZZt 2023 (Monschau) and continues to grow a fanbase with his catchy debut album "Feel It". The L1 television recently featured him live for their 'Tot overmaat van ramp' cultural program during the pandemic. In addition to this, his song "Living in The City" was also featured on radio (Sublime-FM) with the legendary Candy Dulfer. 


Recently the great music critic Jo Dautzenberg had some nice words to say about Tizaan on Cultuurcafé (L1 Dutch radio). 

"He showcases himself as a very good pianist and when you hear him singing with his sunglasses on, it’s like watching Stevie Wonder!  Really knows how to put himself in the center of a band, in a way that we only know from legends!

His music sits so much in the groove that you can't help but dance along yourself. Hearing him perform is a big mix of Freddie Mercury, Herbie Hancock and Al Jarreau”

-Jo Dautzenberg(Stichting Heerlen Jazz)

Recently his band was awarded the Makersregeling Fund which is a culture-funding program organized by Pop In Limburg, intended to help upcoming musicians in developing their musical journey. With this money the Tizaan Alphonso Collective will record and release new singles in the upcoming months and eventually make them into an EP.





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